Angle Bending

Roundo, Offered by Trilogy Machinery

  • Formed in 1964, Roundo offers the largest selection of angle bending machines in the market
  • Over 25 different standard sizes, starting with the R-1, the smallest machine, to the R-21S, the strongest section bending machine available


Lockformer 6016 Beader

  • Only one operator needed to produce SMACNA-approved beads 4 to 5 times faster than cross braking
  • Forms five beads on 12" centers, adjustable to 1/8" depth
  • Up to 5' material with a 16 ga maximum capacity
  • 1 HP, 115/230 volts, single phase


Roto-Die Hydraulic Bender

  • All basic metal shapes formed without die change or major adjustment
  • Precision depth-of-stroke indicators permit recording initial settings for repeat reference
  • Parallel bed and ram assures multiple precision bending over the entire length of the bed without adjustment of truss bars and rods
  • Full wrap-around box and duct forming from either end of the machine

Roto-Die Hydraulic Bender

  • The U48-16 heavy-duty bench brake is suitable for box and pan straight bending in up to 16 ga mild steel
  • Features a removable apron angle and apron insert permitting ¼" reverse bends in lighter material
  • Standard equipment includes an apron, stop rod for repeat bends, extension handles, and a counterweight
  • Bending length: 48.25"
  • Optional stand available

Tennsmith Box and Pan Hand Brake

  • Ideal for both box and pan and straight bending in hot and cold rolled plate, stainless steel, aluminum, and heavy plastic
  • Features a removable apron insert for 1/4" bends in lighter material
  • Upper leaf adjustment screws feature thrust bearings to prevent upper leaf creep
  • Ductile steel clamp handles, heavy counterweights, and apron stop rod maximize easy operation
  • Capacity: 12 ga mild steel and 16 ga stainless steel
  • Bending length: 48.25"

Tennsmith Heavy-Duty Hand Brakes

  • Designed for long service and accurate bending
  • Welded steel plate construction, heavy truss rods and braces provide strength and durability
  • Provide the rigidity required for upper leaf adjustment without the use of wrenches
  • Equipped with thrust bearings, the upper leaf adjustment screws permit quick, accurate alignment for different material thicknesses or radii
  • Available models: 8 x 18 ga; 8 x 16 ga; 10 x 18 ga; 10 x 16 ga, and 10 x 14 ga

Tennsmith Universal Hand Brake

  • Designed to provide forming capabilities for complex parts such as transverse duct, down flanged parts, as well as architectural sheet metal and signage applications
  • Truly a universal hand brake that allows for the removal of upper and lower segments of fingers
  • Capacity: 16 ga mild steel and 20 ga stainless steel
  • Bending length: 72"

CNC Brake Forming

Haco Press Brakes

  • Haco is a world-class manufacturer of press brakes
  • Hydraulic machines serve conventional applications
  • Multi-axis CNC models offer automatic crowning and sheet followers requiring absolute precision, operator efficiency and safety