Everyone say hello to Chris McCaskill! Chris is one of our Corporate Future Leaders. Since Chris joined our team he has learned the ins and outs of NB Handy. He has worked directly with multiple departments in our corporate office, and has quickly became an integral part of our team. Chris is a graduate of Lynchburg College, and is currently working on his MBA at ECU. When not at work Chris loves fitness and spending time with his fiancé. We recently sat down with Chris to get an insight on his experience with the Future Leaders program.

How has the Future Leaders Program given you and insight into the company? "The program has allowed me to work with multiple departments in the corporate office, and to learn many different aspects about the business. It has allowed me to not only get knowledge about the company, but to pick the path in which I think I will be the most successful."

What’s the biggest takeaway from your time in the program? "The relationships I’ve been able to build with multiple people in multiple departments. Instead of being stuck in one department I’ve been able to learn the business as a whole, and I can now utilize those connections to get things done."

What advice would you give to someone thinking about doing the Future Leaders Program? "Do it. It has been very beneficial to me in starting my career. Also, to use every opportunity you can to try something new. The program is a learning experience, and I would highly recommend it."

Our Future Leaders program is an excellent way to start your professional career. The program is an accelerated training program that is designed to develop candidates that are interested in pursuing a career in sales, warehouse operations or management. This program allows you to learn the ins and outs of NB Handy in order to be successful in your career with us. This program emphasizes on product training, wholesale distribution practices, sales training, systems resource training, sales effectiveness process, market development process, market development plans, and operations/logistics. The program lasts 18-24 months, and at the end of the program you will be promoted into a sales, operations, or corporate support position with the company. Our Future Leaders program has launched many of our employees into very successful careers with NB Handy. Think you’d be a good fit? Apply today to jumpstart your career with NB Handy!