Employee Testimonials


Meet Maurice "Moe" Norman, one of our Class A Drivers based out of our Greensboro branch! Moe started with Handy back in 2016 and has been a valuable member of the team. The flexibility and work hours of being able to come home every evening & have his weekends free are meaningful to him as someone who previously served as an over-the-road driver for other companies. Overall, he truly enjoys the job and the family orientation aspect of the branches. He expresses, “Everyone feels like family & it’s a great working atmosphere to connect with people and customers. That family bond ensures that you’re going to laugh at something on daily basis.” Outside of work, he enjoys cooking, fishing and spending time with friends & family. Thank you for your several years of dedication to our organization & customers, Moe!


Meet Marcia Lopez-Ibanez Grady, one of our dedicated Roofing Sales Specialists at the Charlotte branch. Marcia began her roofing career with ABC Supply as an Outside Sales Consultant, selling both commercial and residential materials. One morning during her commute to the Denver, NC office, she noticed various distributor trucks loaded with ISO and membrane, reminding her of how much she missed her customers and the industry. This realization led her to join the Handy team. Marcia embraces the daily challenges that come with her role, saying, "Handy has afforded me the great opportunity to develop potential new business leads and support the roofing sales team as a Roofing Sales Support Specialist. My managers and the sales team are one of the best I have ever had the privilege of working with." As a fluent Spanish (Cuban) speaker, Marcia takes pride in providing exceptional customer service to Hispanic and Latin contractors, adding an extra layer of value to her work. Outside of work, Marcia leads an active lifestyle, enjoying activities such as running, playing racquet sports, hiking, hot Pilates, and yoga. She also loves reading and traveling to visit family and friends. We are grateful for the knowledge and expertise Marcia brings to the Handy team. Thank you for your dedication and hard work, Marcia!


Meet Gene Wood, one of our Product Managers based out of our Corporate Office! Gene originally started with HANDY Distribution nearly 7 years ago as a Senior Buyer. Prior to that, he spent nine years working for a logistics company in Roanoke. This path gave him the opportunity to develop as a professional, but he was ready for a change. He was commuting & found that it wasn’t sustainable; therefore, he and his wife made the decision to move closer to family. He saw a job posting with HANDY Distribution and knew of a family friend who worked for the company & highly recommended it to be a great place to work! When asked what he enjoys most about working for Handy, he answered, “Joining HD, my work experience was somewhat uncharacteristic. The team recognized my skillsets and challenged me to grow since day one. The opportunities at HANDY Distribution are tremendous, the work is rewarding, and the culture is authentic. My job is unique and offers a diverse mix of responsibilities. I enjoy collaborating with team members and supplier partners to cultivate customer loyalty as the preferred choice.” Outside of work, he spends most of his time with family. He and his wife are blessed with two children and extended families nearby. You’re likely to catch them outside and if he’s lucky, on the golf course! Thank you, Gene for all your dedication & hard work you provide to Handy!


Meet Hunter Millner, one of our HVAC Inside Sales Reps out of our Lynchburg branch! Before HANDY Distribution, Hunter attended West Virginia University while working at a marina in Smith Mountain Lake during the summertime. Post graduation, he started as a Future Leader for Handy in Roanoke and later transitioned to the Lynchburg branch. Being a Central-Virginia native played a big role in his desire to work for Handy, as he knew the impact the company has had on the Lynchburg area and surrounding communities. When asked what his favorite aspects of his job are, he answered, “The family aspect and camaraderie within the branch. Lynchburg is a smaller branch, so I get to do a little bit of everything. This includes interacting with customers and building relationships with them.” Outside of work, he enjoys golfing, watching college sports, and spending time with family, friends, and his two labs. Thank you for your contribution to Handy, Hunter!


Meet Mackenzie Evans, one of our Material Handlers at the Norfolk Branch! Before coming to HANDY Distribution, he worked as a Production Tech at YUPO, a synthetic paper company. When asked what drew him to Handy, he said: “The overall culture at HANDY Distribution is great. It provides a better working opportunity with more personal growth options. The schedule at HANDY Distribution allowed for a better work/life balance. There are a lot of fun people who enjoy working with each other.” When issues arise with material, he enjoys troubleshooting the problem and finding a solution. Outside of work, Mackenzie enjoys hanging out with his large, extended family, playing games, going to amusement parks, and outdoor activities. Thanks for your dedication to Handy, Mackenzie!


For our first Employee Spotlight of 2024, meet Scott C. Taylor! Scott started his career with HANDY Distribution on January 3rd, 1995, as an inside sales trainee in Roanoke, VA. He has come full circle back to Roanoke, and is now our Regional Sales Manager covering Central and Southwest Virginia, portions of West Virginia, and Middle and East Tennessee. Before Handy, he worked for Lowes as an associate and CAD designer for home projects. Scott is originally from Lynchburg, but has served in multiple sales and management capacities in Maryland, Tennessee, Florida, and Virginia. Scott grew up with HANDY Distribution, as his mother was with the company for 45 years. He recalls tagging along to picnics and events when there were less than 50 employees in the entire company. Scott looked to start a career in sales, so he inquired about becoming a sales trainee, and the rest is history. When asked what he enjoys most about working at HANDY Distribution, he responded, "The family culture has been a mainstay throughout the years, and the wonderful people are company hallmarks that mean a lot to me. HANDY Distribution has also given me tremendous opportunities for professional growth and the privilege of sharing my experience and coaching others to be the best in their fields." One of his favorite aspects of his job is supporting his teams and seeing their successes, working through challenges to win, and learning something new every day. Outside of work, Scott enjoys spending time with his wife (Pam) of 25 years and their three sons (William, Grant, and John). He loves supporting his sons in their goals and aspirations as they go off to college. He also stays busy helping his wife, Pam, "around the farm" with the garden and her chickens and bees. Thank you for the experience any many years of dedication you bring to Handy, Scott!


Meet Rachael Fincher, our IT Application Specialist II from our Corporate Office. She first started in 2014 as the Pricing Systems Admin & Business Analyst and later transitioned to our Information Technology department. Before Handy, she worked as an Analyst contract at Advanced Auto in Roanoke. She and her family originally moved from Northern Virginia to the Lynchburg area. Her husband had known about HANDY Distribution as an established and stable company through his experience as an HVAC Technician. When asked what she enjoys most about working at HANDY Distribution, she responded, “The people and variety of work. There is always something new for me to learn.” Outside of work, Rachel enjoys spending time with her two children, gardening and crafting. She also raises chickens and rabbits, does woodworking with a laser, and plays video & board games. Thank you for the talent & expertise you bring to Handy, Rachael!


Meet Raul Guerrero, our Regional Branch Manager based out of the Atlanta branch! He leads our Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina branch territories. Before HANDY Distribution, he served in the U.S. Army for a total of six years. Raul began his business career with Trane before transitioning to a role as Business Development Manager for a tankless water heater manufacturer, Rinnai. When asked why he enjoys HANDY Distribution, Raul stated he appreciates that the company has been around since 1891 and promotes work-life balance for their employees. “I really enjoy working with our people– everyone is there to help each other.” One of his favorite aspects of his job is developing his team and watching them grow. He believes there is great satisfaction when associates start becoming very effective and efficient at their jobs. Outside of work, Raul enjoys spending time with his wife (Johanna), children (Jazmine, Allison and Sebastian) and grandson (Lucas). They also have two Shiba Inu dogs, Ace & Nikita. His hobbies include reading, running, hiking, golfing and watching the Dallas Cowboys. Thank you for all that you contribute to Handy, Raul!


Meet Alfonso Serrano, our Warehouse and Logistics Manager at our Davenport branch. Prior to Handy, Alfonso served as a Class B Driver for Royce Company. He was drawn to the job offer with Handy because it was an opportunity to learn new roles and improve his skills. Alfonso says, “The thing I enjoy the most working at HANDY Distribution is the problem-solving part of my job; certain challenges require thinking outside the box which is fun. I also enjoy seeing the development in my branch. I have been here for close to four years and enjoy the progression that our team has been able to accomplish together.” One of his favorite aspects of his job is teaching and encouraging employees to trust themselves. He stated, “Watching my team do their job with confidence is a huge boost to my happiness.” Outside of work, his schedule consists of reading, working out, and spending time with friends and family. Thank you for your commitment to HANDY Distribution, Alfonso!


Meet Lloyd Agnew, one of our Sentrigard Regional Business Managers based in Lynchburg, VA! Lloyd started with HANDY Distribution in 1973 and has the distinction of being one of the longest-tenured employees at the company. He has served numerous sales and management roles for HANDY Distribution, most recently as a roofing account manager for 22 years based out of Roanoke. In 1973, he was hired by Mr. Jim Christian, Jr., then owner and president of HANDY Distribution. Lloyd says, “The relationships I have built with my customers and my co-workers has been one of the great joys in my career. This was a very small, family-oriented company when I started. Remarkably, even though we have grown exponentially since I started, HANDY Distribution still feels like the same family-oriented company to me.” When asked what he enjoys most about his position, he mentioned “I thoroughly enjoy the construction industry. I have come to love it. It is very rewarding to see our roofing materials installed on a project. I particularly get a huge thrill seeing a Sentriclad metal roofing project that I sold to one of our customers having been installed on a building." Outside of work, Lloyd enjoys spending time with his wife Ellen and three grown children and their spouses, exercising, reading, cooking, studying about and enjoying wine, listening to music, beekeeping, dinners with friends, travel, working in the yard, delivering for Meals on Wheels and just enjoying life! Thank you for your lifelong dedication to Handy, Lloyd!


Meet Nate Hyatt, one of our HVAC Account Managers based out of the Charlotte branch. Nate started with HANDY Distribution in 2017 as a Future Leader before transitioning into an Inside Sales position and ultimately being promoted to an Account Manager role. Prior to joining the HANDY Distribution team, he played baseball professionally with the Atlanta Braves for three years and the Los Angeles Angels for two years. He was introduced to opportunities with HANDY Distribution through a job fair at App State. Nate says, “I love the team aspect that we have across the board. Everyone is eager to assist in any way that they can. Because of that, my market has grown.” When asked what he enjoys most about his position, he said he enjoys being out on the road. He states, “There is something about windshield time that can help you create solutions to challenges that will inevitably arise in our industry.” Outside of work, Nate enjoys being in the outdoors. His hobbies include golfing, fishing and hunting. Thank you for your dedication to Handy, Nate!


Meet Michele, our Office Coordinator at our Steel Center in Davenport, FL! Michele was originally hired in 2020 for her strong HVAC industry background in service, maintenance and dispatch. Later, she transitioned to an office administrator role for HANDY Distribution. She states, “I enjoy working at HANDY Distribution due to the commitment and loyalty the company shows to their employees. My favorite part of my job is the great work environment, coworkers, and coming up with ideas on how to perfect our processes.” Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family & kids, playing video games, and kayaking. Thank you for all you do for HANDY Distribution, Michele! Click the link below to view more HANDY Distribution Employee Testimonials!


Meet Colton, our Project Manager/Estimator in the Roofing Technical Services team! Colton has been with Handy for two and a half years, and prior to joining our team was a project manager for a military contractor in Lynchburg, building a variety of defense weapons for United States armed forces and US allies. On what he enjoys about his role every day, Colton stated: "My favorite aspect of being a part of Roofing Technical Services is helping others. Whether it be a contractor, customer, or a member of our sales team, every day we are placed in a position to help make a positive change with our support." Outside of work, Colton has a variety of hobbies. He spends most of his fall to winter seasons in the mountains and spring to summer seasons on the river or in his garden. He participates in conservation work through multiple states, which gives him considerable opportunities for hunting, hiking, foraging, fishing, kayaking, and beekeeping. Thank you for your contributions to Handy, Colton!


Meet Tyson, our Branch Manager at the Columbia branch! Tyson has been with HANDY Distribution for 8 years and has worked in nearly every operations role; Material Handler, Lead Material Handler, Superintendent, Operations Manager, and his current Branch Manager position. On his time with Handy, Tyson says “There are many different areas to be cross-trained which allow you constant opportunities to learn new things. HANDY Distribution is a company that will recognize your skills and hard work while also motivating you to train towards new paths.” As a manager, he appreciates being able to set goals, develop plans of action, and subsequently achieve these goals. Outside of work, Tyson is a big kid at heart and enjoys playing video games, watching anime, and starting (sometimes finishing) DIY projects. Thank you Tyson for your contributions to Handy!


Meet Kathy, our Data Support Specialist at our Corporate Office! Kathy has been with HANDY Distribution for almost 17 years and has served in both Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable. Four years ago, Kathy wanted a change of pace and moved to the Purchasing team, where she became the Data Support Specialist. In this role, she has handled vendor pricing and rebate contracts. She says, “The thing I enjoy the most about Handy is the family atmosphere. Everyone is always so nice and willing to help each other out. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her husband David and their two kids, Daniel (14) and Karen (11). They enjoy exploring the mountains, camping, and relaxing at home watching movies. Thank you for your dedication to Handy, Kathy!


Meet Keith, one of our Roofing Account Managers based out of the Roanoke branch! Keith previously worked in the direct mail fundraising field for non-profits for 15 years. He was recruited by an HANDY Distributiony employee at a barber shop and was ready for an opportunity for a career change. Keith says, “I had always heard of the great team and family atmosphere here at Handy and wanted to be a part of that.” Scott Taylor, General Manager of the Lynchburg and Roanoke branches states, “Keith has done a remarkable job getting up to speed with product knowledge and gaining the trust of his customers. This is a critical facet to building relationships and solidifying his position with a customer. His commitment and can-do attitude are recognized by myself and the organization.” Outside of building strong relationships with current and new customers, he enjoys spending time with his family, riding his motorcycle, playing golf, and is getting ready to take up pickle ball. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to Handy, Keith!


Meet Dawn, one of our HVAC Inside Sales Representatives based out of the Norfolk branch! Dawn has over six years of experience with Handy, as she originally came to us in 2014 and left in 2020. Her desire to work in an inside sales position and the idea of a challenge in a different field drew her to returning back to Handy last February. She appreciates the work/life balance, Handy’s position in the market, and the leadership at the company. Her favorite aspect of her position is the ability to collaborate and strategize with fellow associates to plan and execute sales growth. She is grateful to have a large immediate family close by and therefore spends her time outside of work with her family. Thank you Dawn for your contributions to Handy!


Meet James Collyar, our Superintendent at the Greenville, South Carolina branch! James came to HANDY Distribution 3 years ago from a background in the golf industry and has taken on a variety of roles at the branch. James’ dedication and camaraderie with his teammates is unmatched, demonstrated by his two consecutive Virginia Cup awards at the branch level. When asked about his favorite aspects of working at Handy, James said “I love the ability to interact with both customers and coworkers daily and the opportunity to create meaningful relationships.” Outside of work, James loves to spend time with his family, play golf, and attend nearly every Clemson football game to root on the Tigers. Thank you for your constant hard work and dedication James!


Meet Jeannie Eubanks, an Accounts Payable Representative at the Corporate Office in Lynchburg, Virginia. Originally, she was offered temporary employment as an Accounts Receivable Representative; however, on her first day on the job, she was told she would be filling a full time Accounts Payable position instead! Ten years later, Jeannie is still enjoying every day on the job with HANDY Distribution. Jeannie’s favorite part of working at HANDY Distribution is the various challenges that are presented with HVAC and roofing invoices and working alongside other AP members and colleagues to support other departments. She believes that teamwork is what makes HANDY Distribution a great place to work! In her spare time, Jeannie enjoys fellowship with her church, spending time with her family, vacationing with her husband, Kenny, and her sons. She also loves traveling, especially to the beach, and challenging her guys to mini golf, bowling and fishing. Thank you for your dedication to Handy, Jeannie!


Meet Jack, our HVAC & Roofing Account Manager based out of the Columbia and Charleston, SC branches. When asked what drew him to HANDY Distribution, Jack said, “HANDY Distribution has always had a strong reputation within our industry. I am truly amazed at how professional, employee centric, and customer focused our organization is.” Jack is a tremendous contributor to not only the external customer business with a consultative, solution providing approach, but also his internal customers through his efforts of continually looking for ways to simplify B2B interactions. His favorite aspects of his job as an Account Manager are the ability to foster relationships with our customers and collaborating with his team to go above and beyond our customer’s expectations. Outside of work, he spends time with his wife and four children, living an active and healthy lifestyle that is centered around an incredible workout community. He also enjoys coaching his oldest daughter’s soccer team, playing golf, and everything the city of Charleston has to offer. He is currently working towards finishing his MBA in 2023 from his alma mater, The Citadel. Thank you for your contribution to Handy, Jack!


Meet Daniel Rogacki, HVAC Regional Sales Manager based out of our Raleigh and Greensboro branches. Daniel began his career as an HVAC Inside Sales Rep and later transitioned to an Account Manager role. In his current position as HVAC Regional Sales Manager, he works alongside five Account Managers that oversee the North Carolina sales territory from the Southern Coast west to the Winston-Salem area. When asked what drew him to work for Handy, he responded the people and the construction industry. His favorite aspect of his job is when the team wins, as the power of a likeminded group working together is a beautiful thing. Daniel states, “When HANDY Distribution, customers, and manufacturers come together as a team, great results are inevitable. When collaboration occurs and all sides are in sync, it is awesome to see.” Outside of work, he enjoys traveling, snowboarding, and hanging out with his wife, Jordan and Weimaraner dog, Blue. DIY projects around his house and hunting trips with his dad are also two of his favorite hobbies. Thank you for your commitment to Handy, Daniel!


Meet Tara Bryant, Machinery Group Office Supervisor for our Machinery branch based out of Lynchburg, VA. In the last 19 years with Handy, she has touched every aspect of the Machinery Group’s administration, from field service and outside sales support to inside sales and operations. Tara is currently working in a technology and growth-focused role, onboarding new service tracking and proposal generation software systems, as well as a lead-generation and tracking system. She also works with the media marketing partner on the Machinery website development and is creating a comprehensive digital product showcase platform for use by the sales team. “HANDY Distribution has given me the opportunity to grow in my job with my changing personal interests. When I developed an interest in graphics design, Andy Shivell was open to expanding my role to incorporate design in my daily work. I also enjoy the wide variety of situations we run into. Every day and every call are different in its own unique challenge.” In her spare time, she enjoys playing guitar, working on writing a Sci-Fi/Fantasy series, and volunteering extensively with local wildlife rescue and feral cat TNR groups. In addition, she is very involved in Scouting with her husband, Chris and two sons, Wyatt and Evan. Tara also designs American Indian regalia and loves traveling with her family to powwows all over the U.S. Thank you for your commitment and dedication to Handy, Tara!


Meet Will Tull, our Warehouse & Logistics Manager at our Richmond branch! Will first came to Handy in 2017, and was introduced by a friend who recommended it as a great place of employment. Overall, he enjoys the family atmosphere of his work environment. His favorite aspect of his position is problem solving to exercise his brain. Outside of work, he spends time playing music with his wife and playing with his two daughters in the garden. Thank you for the support you provide to the HANDY Distribution family, Will!


Meet Forrest Powell, our Account Manager out of both our Charleston and Columbia branches! Forrest started with us at the beginning of 2020 as a Future Leader and chose the Account Manager role as his career path. Prior to Handy, he served as the Director of Sales & Marketing for a charter business, ran fly fishing trips on the weekends, and filmed weddings for a local videography business. A close friend connected him with Justin Houze, GM of the Charleston/Columbia market. After learning more about Handy, he was very intrigued by the company values and Justin’s strong sense of leadership and professionalism. Forrest states, “I love working at Handy because of the awesome teams that we have in both Charleston and Columbia. Our teams at other branches and our leadership team are phenomenal. I’m blessed to work at Handy and feel like we’re one big family!” His favorite part of his job is creating relationships with his customers, supporting their organizational growth, and being an extension of their business. He loves how each day brings new opportunities and goals to achieve. Outside of work, he loves boat days with his pup and spending time with his wife doing fun outdoor activities. Thank you, Forrest for your hard work & dedication to Handy!


Meet Serena, Roofing Product Manager for Architectural Metals based out of the Norfolk, VA Branch. Serena started her career journey with HANDY Distribution in 1999 and has progressed ever since. She began as an HVAC Inside Sales Rep, then transitioned to an HVAC Account Manager. Later, she expanded her knowledge to the roofing side of the business and is now in her fourth year as a Product Manager. When asked what her favorite aspect of working for Handy is, she stated it is the people. “From my time spent working in the branch and now working with all locations, our employees are passionate about our customers and their book of business.” Outside of work, Serena enjoys spending time with her family, reading books, being outside and going camping. Thank you for your contribution to HANDY Distribution, Serena!


Meet Sam, Branch Manager at our Baltimore, MD location! Sam began his career with HANDY Distribution three years ago and says, "This is one of my first employment opportunities where I enjoy and am excited to get up in the morning to come to work." Before starting his journey with HANDY Distribution, he was a floor supervisor at a wholesale supply house which serviced apartment & rental property maintenance personnel in the DMV area. Prior to that, he was a night manager for the largest produce & dairy supplier on the East Coast. Sam came to Handy as a novice, and learn the daily operations and absorb every bit of knowledge he could to further grow into his role today. He states, "HANDY Distribution is a company that cares about their employees and listens to ideas. They never turn a head when ideas are brought about." When he is home, he enjoys spending time with his wife, three children and granddaughter. By far, his favorite hobby is cooking. Thank you for all you contribute to our HANDY Distribution family, Sam!


Meet Mike, our Senior Staff Accountant from our Corporate Office in Lynchburg, VA! Mike came to HANDY Distribution nearly 15 years ago. When a position with Handy presented itself, he believed that HD sounded like a perfect opportunity, and hasn’t looked back since. When it comes to his favorite aspect of his job, he enjoys creating financial analysis for management that leaves them fully informed with no further questions. He also truly appreciates the people he works with inside and outside of his department. Mike stated, “I’ve found everyone at HANDY Distribution to be helpful, accommodating, and approachable regardless of their position within the company. When people say HD is a family-oriented company, they are not kidding. I couldn’t have chosen a better company to work for and feel blessed to have landed here.” Outside of work, his family means a lot to him and spending time with them is his top priority. He also enjoys attending local beer and wine festivals, rating the Garlic Festival being his favorite. Traveling is one of his favorite hobbies, especially when it’s a new place. Thank you for all you do for Handy, Mike!


Meet Case, our Future Leader from our Greenville, SC branch. Before Handy, Case was a student at Virginia Tech where he graduated with his bachelor’s degree in management. When asked to describe the Future Leader program, he stated, “The flexibility and ability to choose your own path is something I haven’t experienced previously and has allowed me to pursue what I’m passionate in.” His favorite aspect about the Future Leader program has been the get-togethers and the employee programs where he has had the opportunity to connect with other Future Leaders from various branches. Outside of work, he enjoys playing bluegrass music on guitar and mandolin, visiting historic sites, and rooting for his beloved Virginia Tech Hokies. Thank you for all you contribute to our HANDY Distribution, Case!


Meet Crystal, our very own “Wonder Woman” and HVAC Inside Sales Representative in our Hanover, MD branch. Crystal came to HANDY Distribution nearly six years ago. At that time, she started as an Inside Sales Specialist in Commercial Roofing before moving into a Counter Sales Rep position, and then onto a Superintendent role. When asked what she enjoys most about her job, she didn’t hesitate to say that it’s the team that she works with. She considers the Hanover branch to be the “Dream Team,” capable of tackling any challenge they face. When not using her superpowers at the branch to take care of customers’ needs, she’s putting on a different cape and acting as a super-mom to make sure her five kids get to sporting games, practices, and events. She takes pride in finding neat and unique adventures to take her family on, and spending as much time with them as she can. Thank you for all you contribute to our HANDY Distribution family, Crystal!


Meet Greg, our HVAC Account Manager based in Richmond, VA! Greg started at Handy in 2017 and recently graduated from the Masters of Distribution program offered through the American Supply Association. This 2-year program consists of over 60 hours of training, nearly a dozen books to read, participation at the University of Innovative Distribution conference, and a final cumulative assessment. The last step in the program is an intense capstone project where trainees are required to develop, implement, and present a final presentation to a Review Board consisting of executives and leaders throughout the industry. The Review Board then meets to determine whether the trainee has mastered and demonstrated the learned skills through his/her project and whether they agree to certify the trainee. Greg received a unanimous vote to certify his completion of the program and received extremely high praise for his project and presentation. Thank you for all you do, Greg!


Meet David, our Roofing Inside Sales Representative from our Richmond, VA branch! David started with HANDY Distribution in 1985 and has been a valuable asset ever since. He says, “I was fortunate enough at HANDY Distribution to have worked with some of the most charismatic salespeople and business minds not just in our industry, but in business period.” When he first started, he and his team handwrote every ticket and backorder, then mailed them each evening to be typed into invoices. He also states, “I feel HANDY Distribution outshines may of its competitors simply because of the quality of people they hire, and the freedom they grant the sales force to pursue every individual opportunity for success with our customer base, utilizing marketing knowledge, teamwork, and imagination.” Thank you for all you do for Handy, David!


Meet Alex, a Roofing Account Manager out of our Raleigh branch. Alex joined HANDY Distribution nearly 5 years ago as a Future Leader and has really taken off in his career here.
The Future Leader development program helped Alex learn the business from the ground up, understand our product lines, and develop into a successful Account Manager.

When asked what excites him the most about his job, he quickly responded that it’s the freedom his job gives him to travel and meet with customers every day.
Outside of building relationships with our customers, Alex can be found spending time with his new fiancé, golfing, hiking, and hanging out on the lake. We appreciate all you do, Alex, and can’t wait to see what all you will accomplish in your career here!


Meet Dale, one of our incredible Class A drivers out of our Greensboro branch. Dale started with HANDY Distribution in our Norfolk branch as a Class A driver in 1993 before starting his own business a few years later. Eventually Dale came back to HANDY Distribution, but this time based in our Greensboro branch. Before coming to HANDY Distribution Dale was a fuel handler with the US army and served for 8 years where he attributes much of his discipline and work ethic.

When asked what he loves most about his almost 12 years at HANDY Distribution, he said that in both the Norfolk and Greensboro branches, he has worked with managers who have inspired him to work harder through their own work ethic and drive. He also values the strong relationships he’s built with each customer while making his deliveries over the years. Dale, thank you for your service to both our country and HANDY Distribution!


Meet Tosha, one of our incredible staff accountants. Since joining HANDY Distribution in 2018, Tosha consistently showcases her analytical ability, attention to detail, and organization skills as she works to prepare many of the company’s financial reports and perform other daily duties.
When asked what makes her excited to come to work every day, Tosha mentioned without hesitation leadership’s constant drive for improvement and growth while maintaining a caring, open, and inclusive team atmosphere.

She loves feeling like she’s part of a family--not only with the Accounting team, but with everyone across the company. After crunching numbers during the day, Tosha enjoys relaxing evenings where she can dive into a good book on her back porch. She also loves spending time with her son and family. It’s valuable team members like Tosha who have kept HANDY Distribution going strong for 129 years and counting!


Meet Gary, one of our expert drivers responsible for delivering products to our customers on time and in good order. Gary is a long time HANDY Distribution family member, having been with the company for nearly the last 19 years.
When asked what he enjoys most about his job, Gary was quick to say it is working with the Atlanta branch team and customers.

Having had the same route for over 15 years, Gary considers many of his customers to also be close friends. When not delivering HANDY Distribution products around the Atlanta area, Gary enjoys serving as a Deacon at his church, spending time outdoors with his family and relaxing near a lake or ocean. Gary feels a special part of his job is knowing that he’s the face of HANDY Distribution and has a responsibility to uphold the positive reputation of HANDY Distribution to our customers. Thanks for going the extra mile Gary!


Meet Joe, one of our Machine Shop Technicians and who has been part of the HANDY Distribution family for nearly 16 years. When it comes to HVAC or Roofing machinery, not many people have the expertise of Joe. “My favorite part of the job is fabrication like welding, bending metal, and fabricating parts. There are so many different types of machines that you never end up getting bored with them.
My favorite thing about working at HANDY Distribution is meeting the people that I get to meet. HANDY Distribution has been good to me and I’ve really enjoyed working here.” When not fabricating one-off machine parts, welding, or diagnosing issues with broken machines, Joe enjoys spending time building birdhouses, watching racing, or showing off his ’87 Mustang at the local car show. We appreciate you Joe!


Meet Glenn, General Manager of our Greenville, SC branch. Glenn joined the HANDY Distribution family over 18 years ago and has served at two Handy branches. He started as a Roofing Inside Sales Rep at our original Orlando branch before moving into the Operation’s Manager role there. After 6 years with the Orlando branch, Glenn transferred to a Roofing Account Manager role in Greenville. He was promoted to General Manager last year. He says he enjoys the GM role because he has the opportunity to lead a team that encompasses both the operations and sales sides of the business, since he has a passion for and experience in both areas. When asked what makes the Greenville branch unique, he noted the team’s work ethic and the amount of effort that each person on the team contributes. In his spare time, Glenn enjoys grilling and smoking meats on one of his three grills/smokers, religiously making wings for his Friday Night Wing Night, hiking with his wife, and spending time with his kids. Thank you for all you do, Glenn!


Meet Brian, one of our Regional Credit Managers in our Corporate Office in Lynchburg, VA. Brian came from a background in banking before joining Handy in 2017. Day-to-day Brian and the credit team are responsible for managing credit lines extended to customers, keeping them up to date, and helping with the cash flow from the branches. The one aspect of the job that Brian enjoys the most is being able to interact with customers and branches across the Handy footprint daily. He attributed much of what he loves about his job to the credit team that he works with and finds it an honor to learn from other more experienced team members. At the end of the day, Brian is fulfilled knowing he is ultimately helping drive the customers’ success! When not in the office, Brian may be found on his Can-Am trike, gardening, woodworking, and spending time with his family as he watches his girls grow up. Thank you Brian for being part of the HANDY Distribution family!


Meet Jerry, our warehouse superintendent in our Roanoke branch. Since joining HANDY Distribution 5 years ago, Jerry has helped lead the Roanoke warehouse team in ensuring our customers have the products they need when they need them. Having come from a large transportation company prior to joining Handy, Jerry brought with him a strong logistics background. When asked what he enjoys most about working at HANDY Distribution, he had a hard time choosing just one thing, but mentioned that he really enjoys jumping on a forklift and picking orders. If it wasn’t a forklift Jerry was driving, his dream job would be a NASCAR driver. When not filling customers’ orders, Jerry can be found mountain biking, hiking with his family, or competing in simulation racing events. Thank you Jerry for representing HANDY Distribution to our Roanoke customers!


Meet Misty, our Senior Buyer/Product Specialist for our Architectural Metals products. Misty has been part of the HANDY Distribution family for nearly 5 years and is an integral part of our Sentrigard Metal Roofing program. Between ensuring branches are stocked properly to helping with the steel center processing and logistics, Misty loves the challenging and fast-paced atmosphere that this position provides. When not at the office juggling the many hats that Misty wears, she enjoys gardening, spending time with her family, and cooking. Thank you Misty for all you do for Handy!