Zac has been at NB Handy for over a year, and is an Estimator/Project Manager on our Roofing Technical Services team. Zac handles our job specific submittals, material substition requests, metal roofing takeoffs, shop drawings, job specific custom detail design, single-ply and metal estimation, and lead generation of upcoming jobs in and around our footprint. In his spare time Zac is an amateur gunsmith. Zac is known for his office full of TV Screens, and his love for the Oregon Ducks.

Our Roofing Technical Services division offers a wide array of services. We are able to offer shop drawings, site specific engineering calculation services, and metal takeoffs. Our shop drawings service includes the materials, sizes, dimensions, and installation procedures proposed for use on a specific project. The typical lead time is a week and a half or less depending on the volume of jobs in our queue and that the information provided is accurate, concise, and complete. Our site specific engineering calculation services include product testing and providing manufacturer-contractors with wet sealed and stamped engineering documents, calculations, and shop drawings that are specific to the project at hand. We also provide wind uplift negative pressures and clip spacing. Our Roofing Technical Services division also offers metal takeoff services. Our metal takeoff service includes a cut list of panels, total surface area, total linear footage of flashings, and a dimensioned roof layout plan including panel lengths and placements. Metal takeoffs can be completed from printed plans, hand-drawn sketches, CAD drawings, internet plan room files, satellite and aerial images, and anything else you have with a dimension or scaled roof layout on. The typical lead time for metal takeoffs is 1-2 days provided the information submitted is accurate, concise, and complete. We are pleased to offer these services, and look forward to working with you on any and all of your future projects!