Employee Testimonials


Meet Dale, one of our incredible Class A drivers out of our Greensboro branch. Dale started with NB Handy in our Norfolk branch as a Class A driver in 1993 before starting his own business a few years later. Eventually Dale came back to NB Handy, but this time based in our Greensboro branch. Before coming to NB Handy Dale was a fuel handler with the US army and served for 8 years where he attributes much of his discipline and work ethic.

When asked what he loves most about his almost 12 years at NB Handy, he said that in both the Norfolk and Greensboro branches, he has worked with managers who have inspired him to work harder through their own work ethic and drive. He also values the strong relationships he’s built with each customer while making his deliveries over the years. Dale, thank you for your service to both our country and NB Handy!


Meet Tosha, one of our incredible staff accountants. Since joining NB Handy in 2018, Tosha consistently showcases her analytical ability, attention to detail, and organization skills as she works to prepare many of the company’s financial reports and perform other daily duties.
When asked what makes her excited to come to work every day, Tosha mentioned without hesitation leadership’s constant drive for improvement and growth while maintaining a caring, open, and inclusive team atmosphere.

She loves feeling like she’s part of a family--not only with the Accounting team, but with everyone across the company. After crunching numbers during the day, Tosha enjoys relaxing evenings where she can dive into a good book on her back porch. She also loves spending time with her son and family. It’s valuable team members like Tosha who have kept NB Handy going strong for 129 years and counting!


Meet Gary, one of our expert drivers responsible for delivering products to our customers on time and in good order. Gary is a long time NB Handy family member, having been with the company for nearly the last 19 years.
When asked what he enjoys most about his job, Gary was quick to say it is working with the Atlanta branch team and customers.

Having had the same route for over 15 years, Gary considers many of his customers to also be close friends. When not delivering NB Handy products around the Atlanta area, Gary enjoys serving as a Deacon at his church, spending time outdoors with his family and relaxing near a lake or ocean. Gary feels a special part of his job is knowing that he’s the face of NB Handy and has a responsibility to uphold the positive reputation of NB Handy to our customers. Thanks for going the extra mile Gary!


Meet Joe, one of our Machine Shop Technicians and who has been part of the NB Handy family for nearly 16 years. When it comes to HVAC or Roofing machinery, not many people have the expertise of Joe. “My favorite part of the job is fabrication like welding, bending metal, and fabricating parts. There are so many different types of machines that you never end up getting bored with them.
My favorite thing about working at NB Handy is meeting the people that I get to meet. NB Handy has been good to me and I’ve really enjoyed working here.” When not fabricating one-off machine parts, welding, or diagnosing issues with broken machines, Joe enjoys spending time building birdhouses, watching racing, or showing off his ’87 Mustang at the local car show. We appreciate you Joe!