New Roofing Machinery


Jorns Long Folder Learn More

  • Jorns family of long folders, 10.5', 13', 21', 26', 32', or 40' models in 18, 16, 14. or 11ga capacity
  • Standard back gauge in either 40" or 50" in all gauges
  • High-speed hydraulics enable the Jorns to fold parts up to 30% faster than other long folders
  • Direct link technology puts you in contact with technicians
  • "Sine Wave" upper jaw technology to produce straighter, flatter parts without any deflection found in competitive machines
  • CNC 600 and CNC 6000 controls with "Sketch" programming, allowing the part to be drawn on the screen, then programmed into the computer control, stored for part fabrication

Schechtl Folder Learn More

  • Schechtl SpectraFold sheet metal folding systems are unmatched for increased productivity, versatility, cost savings, and the competitive edge for contractors
  • Produce everyday parts like copings, gravel stops, gutters, and downspouts, plus complex cornice work, unlimited sign profiles, and even complex boxes
  • Choose from more than a dozen precision automatic Schechtl models in the Spectrafold MAX, MAB, and MAC series family
  • Schechtl's real-time, interactive, intuitive graphic programming process offers unlimited programmable shapes through the exclusive Spectrafold CNC Control
  • Bending lengths of 40", 60", 80", 100", 122", and 159"
  • Machines with maximum bending capacities from 22–9 ga

Roofing Panformers

Schlebach Quadro-Plus Rollformer Learn More

  • Able to produce nine profiles on one machine with almost no changeover, eliminating the need to purchase multiple machines for different profiles
  • Produces panels quickly, precisely, and consistently
  • Mechanical lock, 1" and 1.5"
  • Nail strip 1" and 1.5"
  • Snap seam, 1" and 1.5"
  • U-panel, 1" and 1.5"
  • 1.75" snap lock
  • Soffit profile
  • 2" structural mechanical lock
  • Space between the rollers allows the Quadro-Plus to make tapered panels from 9" to 31.5" on all panels: nail strip, snap seam, and standing seam

Schlebach Quadro-Plus CINCO Learn More

  • Available with the CINCO (Computer Integrated Notching and Cutting Operation) accessory components to make the world's first portable rollformer with an inline notching and angle cutting system that's fully integrated with advanced roof design software
  • Produce precise machine-cut and angled roof panels directly from site-verified dimensions using Top View™ 3D roof design software
  • Data is loaded directly into the CINCO's exclusive control and run precisely as designed and adapted to the real roof dimensions, even on the fly for optimal accuracy